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Other Products

Do you have a horse or pony who shies at jump decorations? Does he look into the bottom of the fence and end up with a refusal? Then you need our new finest sheepskin noseband. In two sizes - pony and horse and in two fittings - plain or flash. At just £24.95, you can help your horse or pony to get the clear round that he deserves. This product is ideal for working hunter ponies, where it does not detract from the appearance but does avoid ‘spooking’ at fence decorations, water trays and various things under fences.

Our sheepskin accessories for driving harness are much admired. We do sheepskin pads to go under the pad; covers for breast collars; cruppers and to go over girths. We can make any of these in any colour. Please contact us for further details.

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